Toyota Tundra Premium LED Interior Package (2014-Present)

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  • Toyota Tundra Premium LED Interior Package (2014-Present)
  • Toyota Tundra Premium LED Interior Package (2014-Present)
  • Toyota Tundra Premium LED Interior Package (2014-Present)
  • Toyota Tundra Premium LED Interior Package (2014-Present)
  • Toyota Tundra Premium LED Interior Package (2014-Present)
  • Toyota Tundra Premium LED Interior Package (2014-Present)
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Upgrade your 2014-Present Toyota Tundra interior lights with a premium PrecisionLED interior lighting package. Nothing on the market beats our premium 360 3D LEDs for impressive cabin illumination, ease of installation and long term value.

The Toyota Tundra Premium LED Interior Package Includes:

2014-Present: Map (2) + Dome (2) + Courtesy Footwell (1)

Curious about our Premium 3D vs. Standard 5050 LEDs? Checkout this video for key differences:

Give your interior an impressive, custom look with an Interior lighting package from PrecisionLED!

All our Interior Lighting Kits Include:

  • High output, automotive grade 5050SMD LEDs that will outlast your vehicle
  • LED bulbs that are carefully selected for your specific model, ensuring long-term reliability for your lights and electrical system
  • Professional Interior Trim Tools to safely replace your factory bulbs without cracking or breaking your vehicle's interior trim parts
  • Detailed step-by-step installation videos available online and on our YouTube channel
  • Email and Live phone support to help you with your lighting questions!

Why Replace Your Interior Lights With LEDs?

There are three great reasons to replace the interior light bulbs in your 2018-Present Honda Accord :

  1. Your eyes will thank you.  All our LED interior lighting kits provide for a better lighting experience inside your car. LED lighting is typically brighter than original interior lighting, making it easier for your eyes to pick out details inside your car.
  1. You'll save energy.  LED bulbs use as little as 1/15th as much power as a standard interior light bulb. This saved energy reduces the load on your vehicle's electrical system, and technically even saves gas (however, probably not enough for you to notice at the gas pump).
  1. You'll love your car's customized feel.  The difference between LED interior lights and standard automotive lighting is significant. Your passengers will immediately notice your car's custom lighting, and our customers really enjoy it.

Why Buy an Interior Lighting Kit From PrecisionLED?

PrecisionLED is the leading provider of LED automotive lighting online. We have researched, selected and packaged the best and brightest LED bulbs that will fit your Acura CL. Our products are well-rated because our process for selecting and testing LEDs for each kit is extensive and rigorous.

Also, in terms of support after the sale, our installation videos on YouTube are extremely well-regarded (with nearly 5,000,000 views in total). We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on our LED interior lighting kits, allowing you to shop with confidence. 

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