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About Us

The story of PrecisionLED began in 2009. Phil, one of PrecisionLED’s co-founders, purchased a premium LED lighting kit for his Lexus IS. To Phil’s surprise, the product he purchased arrived in an unmarked brown box. No instructions or support contacts were included, much less any proper tools to install the lights. Phil gave it his best shot, but did irreparable damage to his brand new car interior. The real icing on the cake was that the LEDs burned out, and despite the product still being under warranty, his warranty claim for a replacement was denied.

As luck would have it, a close friend approached Phil about starting an LED company. Thanks to this experience, Phil had a vision for our company already in mind.

Complete DIY LED Upgrade Kits

Gone are the days of incoherent installation instructions. We know that when you embark on a DIY project, proper guidance is everything. Without it, the challenge becomes more frustrating than satisfying. That’s why the kits we offer include:

  • Free plastic tools with each interior lighting kit. No more digging at your car with a screwdriver.
  • Continuously updated installation videos for every car we can find. We figure out the right steps so you don’t have to.
  • Extensive research conducted on each lighting package to ensure fitment and function. Every LED kit just works.
  • Rigorous QA testing to ensure consistent quality.

The Best Customer Service Around

When the going gets tough, it’s good to know a seller’s got your back. That’s why we do our absolute best to ensure you get the most helpful service possible. There’s nothing more infuriating than getting a product that doesn’t work, only to contact the seller and get crickets. At PrecisionLED, we have:

  • Dedicated US-based customer support team to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Hassle-free lifetime warranty on purchases with easy returns and exchanges.
  • Easy shipping options with the lowest available shipping costs.

If you have any concerns whatsoever, feel free to contact us online or over the phone. Customer service isn’t just what we do — it’s who we are.

Maximum Coverage

On top of our guidance and customer service, we also offer an extensive catalog of complete automotive LED interior lighting packages, LED headlights, LED license plate kits, and so much more. Shop by vehicle, by bulb, or through our large selection of offroad LEDs and accessories. We guarantee that we have the right LED light for you, no matter what you’re looking for.

Guaranteed Product Satisfaction

We stand by our high-quality products and services. PrecisionLED is an LED manufacturer and distributor dedicated to proper coverage, instruction, and customer service. No matter what bulb you need for your DIY LED upgrade, we’ve got you covered.

Find the right LED kit for you and electrify your vehicle with PrecisionLED.